Wide-Ranging Interview

Francis Hodgson is an interviewee in a long and wide-ranging conversation on matters photographic which appeared on Vikas Shah’s Thought Economics in April 2015.  http://bit.ly/1JjAcUO .

Not Finding Wiltshire – David Bailey in Papua in 1974

[Anthropological pictures by David Bailey] Continue reading

David Bailey – Still Troubling After All These Years

The Rio Club 1968

As you take the Docklands Light Railway back to London from David Bailey’s new exhibition it is all too easy to fall into pools of irony as deep and as dank as the great docks themselves. Continue reading

Sir Cecil Beaton – Earning a Royalty




[“The Victoria and Albert Museum has put on a show of Sir Cecil Beaton’s royal portraits as a contribution to the diamond jubilee celebration of HM the Queen, and it has been met with predictable enthusiasm.  Lots of crowns!  Lots of gowns!”] Continue reading

Brandt By Bailey 1982

Brandt By Bailey 1982


A generous and technically brilliant tribute to one British photographer from another.
Here David Bailey has laid aside his own more usual style to make a portrait of Bill Brandt in something approximating Brandt’s own manner.
Result? A grand salute both to the person and to his work.