Wide-Ranging Interview

Francis Hodgson is an interviewee in a long and wide-ranging conversation on matters photographic which appeared on Vikas Shah’s Thought Economics in April 2015.  http://bit.ly/1JjAcUO .

2 thoughts on “Wide-Ranging Interview

  1. Professor Hodgson,

    I came across your interview while researching the history of pictorialism as well as other artistic photographic techniques and artists for an article I’m writing on photo impressionism. Your comments on the democratizing effects of photography on culture and its pervasive and ever-changing role in our everyday lives are thought provoking.. As I struggle to express my story and vision photographically, I’m encouraged by your words about keeping the viewer’s eyes from sliding from the frame and how the art of photography can evolve beyond the “decisive moment” into post-processing, printing, and digital manipulations. I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Francis, hi and thanks for forwarding that. It was very interesting to read what you had to say on photography’s cultural role, visual literacy, etc. And thanks for the shout-out to *Photography Changes Everything*. Hope all’s well and that we get to cross paths again! Best, Marvin

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