The Red Bustle, by Nick Knight

Nick Knight Red Bustle for Yohji Yamamoto 1986

Nick Knight            The Red Bustle, 1986

The colours of a bullfight as the sun finally goes down. It’s not complicated. The elements of this photograph are controlled with a curious mix of indulgent austerity, and it remains seductive long after the clothes it was made to sell have passed into the archive. Continue reading

Harlequin Without His Mask

Rankin, Life Mask of Ian Rankin, 2013

Rankin, Life Mask of Ian Rankin, 2013

[In which I began to change my mind about Rankin.] Continue reading

Shamanism and Shaving Foam – Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates, Shamanic Costume for Consultation in Stavanger, Norway, 2006.

Marcus Coates is one of those British artists so far over the border of eccentricity that it has sometimes been hard to take him seriously. Continue reading