New Host

This blog has switched from one host to another.  For those who care about such things, it has moved from Posterous to WordPress in the wake of Posterous being sold to Twitter. I hope it will perform adequately at its new address, and I ask that readers bear with me as I learn the advantages and disadvantages of the new system.  There are a certain number of difficulties in transition, and no doubt some of these have not yet appeared. I will also no doubt make clumsy beginners’ errors long after I should not be considered a beginner.  Please accept my apologies in advance.

I need to express my gratitude to two categories of people.  A number of people have offered spontaneous encouragement to continue the blog and others have offered invaluable technical advice.  I regard both of these categories with great warmth and thank those who fall into them wholeheartedly.

1 thought on “New Host

  1. Hello Francis, I was an early young possible of yours from the Denmark Street days. I’m still pointing my lens at objects. I’m also an academic now (hard times drove me to it). I’m following you on twitter for enlightenment. Speak soon hopefully. Ian

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