Hodgson’s Choice

Happy New Year, and welcome back to these pages.


I’ve never been a collector in practice, but the chance to grow a virtual collection was too good to miss.  From 3rd January 2013, my series Hodgson’s Choice has opened in the Financial Times and will run almost every day for a period, in the FT Life & Arts section and also in the Weekend FT.  The formula is very simple: I pick a single picture each time (or a tight group of pictures), add a brief explanation of why I want to add them to the collection, and that adds up to an agreeable and informative short column.

I live in Britain, which still lags behind other countries in the energy and sophistication of photographic collecting, and if a column like this can stimulate collectors either to begin outright, or to expand the scope of their activity to get beyond mere fashion or value, it will have been well worth doing. It’s running in the quiet January period, and at the moment all I can do is hope that it gets a good enough response to come back again for subsequent series.

The first column (Financial Times, January 3rd 2013, http://on.ft.com/10T5df4) was on Kertesz’ gently sublime picture of a cafe table, published in György Bölöni’s book Az Igazi Ady, about the Hungarian poet Endre Ady (d.1919).  Please by all means react on the Financial Times’ website for the series to have a chance of continuing.


8 thoughts on “Hodgson’s Choice

  1. Will you be able to make a post here for each FT posting? My RSS feed would then pick up just the photo contributions rather than the whole FT section. The first photo is lovely, I shall have to see what I can print at 10×8 to sell for thousands!

    • Not sure I will, Bill. I suppose I could get into the habit of tweeting a shortened URL to each one on my twitter, although I’d hate to promise to keep it up. Seems a laborious way around. But I’m glad you like the picture.

      • If you search on the FT website by an author’s name, you get the full list of his/her articles. If you were occasionally to do that, you would eventually get URL’s to the whole of my ‘virtual collection’. I know no other way.

  2. Happy New Year  Francis. Just read the first article in this series and look forward to more. I always enjoy reading your pieces on Photography your analysis is excellent.   Best wishes David


  3. Splendid way to start the new year, and lovely choice for the maiden photograph !
    I will leave a reaction at the FT website.

    ‘But I must look for friends and brothers.. that seeing they will see’.. (after Endre Ady)

  4. Hi francis,

    I left a response against one of your dream portfolio images but thought I’d reiterate here. I just wondered if you’d come across a Dutch photographer called Peter ruting and, if so, what you thought of his work for investment potential…John

  5. Thought I’d left a comment last week, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck! ;)

    Really like the idea and the choices.

    Kertesz really reminds me of Jean Loup Sieff, a photographer I greatly admire – especially in his use of wide angle lenses.

    Love your writing style.


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