8 thoughts on “Hodgson’s Choice

  1. Will you be able to make a post here for each FT posting? My RSS feed would then pick up just the photo contributions rather than the whole FT section. The first photo is lovely, I shall have to see what I can print at 10×8 to sell for thousands!

    • Not sure I will, Bill. I suppose I could get into the habit of tweeting a shortened URL to each one on my twitter, although I’d hate to promise to keep it up. Seems a laborious way around. But I’m glad you like the picture.

      • If you search on the FT website by an author’s name, you get the full list of his/her articles. If you were occasionally to do that, you would eventually get URL’s to the whole of my ‘virtual collection’. I know no other way.

  2. Happy New Year  Francis. Just read the first article in this series and look forward to more. I always enjoy reading your pieces on Photography your analysis is excellent.   Best wishes David


  3. Splendid way to start the new year, and lovely choice for the maiden photograph !
    I will leave a reaction at the FT website.

    ‘But I must look for friends and brothers.. that seeing they will see’.. (after Endre Ady)

  4. Hi francis,

    I left a response against one of your dream portfolio images but thought I’d reiterate here. I just wondered if you’d come across a Dutch photographer called Peter ruting and, if so, what you thought of his work for investment potential…John

  5. Thought I’d left a comment last week, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck! ;)

    Really like the idea and the choices.

    Kertesz really reminds me of Jean Loup Sieff, a photographer I greatly admire – especially in his use of wide angle lenses.

    Love your writing style.


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