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  1. I was wondering, why Bernard Plossu one of the major French photographer of his generation, has never being shown in a major show in London.
    His latest work “Monet intime ” on the house and garden of Claude Monet in Giverny seems to find some good reviews.
    Best Regards

    • I wholly agree; Plossu’s absence is a mystery, and a loss for London. To some extent, though, I think it part of larger phenomenon whereby the stars of one country’s photography are little known elsewhere. I am constantly amazed at how well-known photographers in one community are unknown in another. I recently noted in a piece in the Financial Times, for example, that Pierre Gonnord is all-but unknown in the Anglo-Saxon world. Yet photography remains transcultural, demotic, vernacular. It is an art form which requires less from its intermediaries than any other.
      Part of the problem is institutional, too. It is obviously easier to get funding, press attention &c for a show or a publication of a national of one’s country than for a stranger. But, given what photography is, that’s absurd.

      Any curators reading this, please note: Bernard Plossu is overdue a UK showing. I’ll help to arrange it, too, and with pleasure !

      • I agree. I had the chance to meet Bernard Plossu at the opening of an exhibition of his in Brussels, at Box Galerie. Beside my love for his photography, I was fascinated by his modest, yet very self-conscious attitude.
        Something that many from the new generation of photographers should apply to.

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